We carry forward diverse businesses through partnerships with cooperative companies with growth model.

  • Contact Center Business Partnership

  • CallGate provides visible ARS service through contact center service providers.
    If you have contact center customers in service, you can provide diverse visible ARS service directly through partnership with CallGate.
    Partnership grade may change depending upon the previous year’s sales and the higher the grade the more discount you will get on the supply price.
  • Solution Partnership

  • CallGate is expanding its market through partnership with diverse solution providers.
    We enhance phone user experience by developing various services with leaders in ordering/payment solution, AI engine, call center application and by showing the content of conversation with AI customer service representative.
    If you wish to expand your existing solution to voice channel users, CallGate can help.
  • Cloud Partnership

  • CallGate has established call system in cloud environment so that an enterprise do not need to construct separate call system but just easily register and serve customers.
    CallGate cloud system is integrated with Visible ARS system so enterprise’s web contents are relayed through screen making it most optimal for call users’ self service.
    Contact center enterprise wanting to provide such service through cloud call system can differentiate itself with visible ARS and achieve cost competitiveness through our infrastructure.