Here is the price of
the line for each license of CallGate.

Unit: KRW (tax excluded)
Sortation Service Criteria Monthly Annual Permanent
Common Service subscription fee By Services 7,000,000 7,000,000 7,000,000
Choice Digital ARS
Visual AI
10,000 calls per month(Inquiry) 120,000 1,320,000 4,560,000
Web Voice 10,000 calls per month(WakeUp) 114,000 1,254,000 4,332,000
Web Voice Cloud Copper wire 114,000 1,254,000 4,332,000
Text View 10,000 calls per month(WakeUp) 48,000 528,000 1,824,000
Visual Link
Visual Link AP
Visual Link DMS
10,000 calls per month(Inquiry) 108,000 1,188,000 4,104,000
Web View Plus 10,000 calls per month(WakeUp) 108,000 1,188,000 4,104,000
Info Push 10,000 calls per month(Request) 90,000 990,000 3,420,000

Other information

  • Service subscription fee

    First time billing per service
  • Maintenance fee

    Permanent licenses incur 10% annual maintenance fee from year 2 New maintenance contracts are not allowed when maintenance fees are not paid If no maintenance contract is signed for more than 4 years, the license will be permanently extinguished
  • Restricting excess licenses

    If exceeded, the service will be completely blocked by the end of the month, initialized from the following month and resumed
    (Web Voice Cloud: Blocking only for excesses and providing normal service for traffic in licenses)
  • CallGate Calls requested for service to the service system

    Visual Link, Visual Link AP: Based on Inquiry (Request · Invoke cannot exceed Inquiry) Info Push, Visual Link DMS : Request Criteria