Welfare & Recruitment

CallGate is based on the core values of the company
We work with talented people who respect the autonomy of members and fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Ideal talent

  • Passion

    With interest and passion
    Talented people who strive to achieve better results


    About your field of work
    A person with faith and confidence

    Challenging spirit

    With an active attitude
    Talent who challenges new possibilities

With a reasonable compensation system and various welfare benefits. We make a company where everyone is happy.

  • Compensation system

  • Annual salary system

    Differential application according to individual ability, performance, and position

    Performance pay (Incentive)

    Based on management performance
    Pay according to departmental or individual performance

    Stock option

    Granted differentially according to past or future contributions to the company
  • Welfare system

  • 01 Work environment

    Lunch and dinner provided
    Capsule coffee, beverages, snacks (snack bar) provided at all times
    flexible working hours

    02 Life support

    Communication fee subsidy
    Personal Development
    Birthday gift provided
    Congratulations and condolences leave and congratulatory and condolence expenses paid

    03 Health & Relaxation

    Personal/employee group accident insurance subscription
    Comprehensive medical checkups for one's immediate family member are provided every year
    Use free annual leave
    foundation anniversary holiday (other than annual leave)
    3 days summer vacation (other than annual leave)
    Payment of overtime pay
    Payment of unused annual leave allowance

    04 Education & other support

    Support for work-related books and education expenses
    Overseas training and overseas education support
    Excellent employee awards and prizes
    Recognition and leave for long-term employees

CallGate's Growth and Leap
We are waiting for you to be the main character.

    Recruitment procedure


    Document screening
    • The screening will focus on the essential requirements, job experience, and motivation for applying.
    • Submitted documents will not be returned.
    • Recruitment may be canceled if the application form is found to be false.


    Practical interview
    • Only those who pass the document screening will be interviewed.
    • The team leader and working-level staff will evaluate your technical skills for the job.


    Personality Test
    • It is a step to measure consistency with talent, job-related personality, attitude, and values.
    • Basic ability diagnosis to determine the applicant's organizational adaptability and job suitability.


    Executive Interview
    • Finally, conduct an executive interview.
    • Focuses on basic competencies and organizational fit.


    Treatment Consultation
    • Only those who passed will contact you individually.
    • We coordinate the timing and treatment of joining the company, and we will guide you with the necessary documents when you join the company.
    Document screening notifications and interviews will be held from time to time, and we will contact you individually. (within a week after applying for the position)
    The above interview process may be different depending on the recruitment position.
    If there is false information in the resume, you may be canceled even after passing the exam.
    The submitted documents will not be returned and will be safely discarded after the screening is completed.
    With the consent of the applicant, you can request the results of the reference check and medical examination.