Company NameHyundai Home Shopping
Type of businessOther mail order businesses
Sales2.14 trillion (2020.12)
Employees1,013 (2021.09)
Introduction ServicesWeb Voice
  • Pain Point

  • In the event of a rush of consultation calls, customer waiting time increases and orders become difficult

    Mobile orders increased due to the expansion of smartphones, but orders through ARS were still more than 60%, making it difficult to connect counselors during a flood of counseling calls. If the connection to the counselor was delayed, the waiting time for orders increased, causing inconvenience to customers and giving up orders, which required more fundamental measures.

  • Solution

  • With voice and screen, it's accurate without errors


    Hyundai Home Shopping introduced Web-Voice so that if you call ARS while watching TV Home Shopping, you can connect to the order screen without installing a separate application. It was easy and convenient to select the desired menu around the main items so that it could be guided by ARS voice while touching the product name, size, and address on the smartphone screen.

  • Result

  • Order time is down, order success rate is up

    As a result of the 20-day trial operation, the order time was reduced by more than 10 seconds compared to the existing ARS, and the order success rate was also improved by 8% compared to the existing ARS. Hyundai Home Shopping won the Minister of Science and ICT Award in the e-commerce category of the Digital Management Innovation Awards for its continuous provision of customer satisfaction and various services with differentiated systems such as simple orders and chatbot orders.