Company NameSamsung Card
Type of businessCredit card and installment financing
Sales3.37 trillion (2020.12)
Employees1,980 (2021.09)
Introduction ServicesDigital ARS
  • Pain Point

  • Introducing the next generation of ARS to improve customer convenience

    Samsung Card, which is interested in digital services, has properly upgraded its ARS service according to the trend of the times in line with its vision of "best customer impression, best employee happiness, and super-class service." As ARS service is also a front-line service area that customers directly use and experience, it introduced digital ARS for the first time in the industry with Colgate, focusing on improving customer convenience.

  • Solution

  • Even if you don't install the app, you can use the phone as a service

    Samsung Card introduced the 'Digital ARS' roll, the next-generation ARS, and set up the Samsung Card application (app) screen through the web when connecting to the customer center so that all services in the app can be used. When entering the screen, it is possible to use the inquiry service after authentication with the card password, analyze customer service usage patterns, and adjust the menu display or order on a customer-by-customer basis.

  • Result

  • Monthly counselor connection calls reduced by 200,000, providing high-quality individual services

    With the introduction of digital ARS, the number of monthly calls by counselors at Samsung Card's call center decreased by about 200,000 from before as simple business inquiries through phone counseling disappeared. As the number of counseling calls decreased, counselors could provide higher-quality individual services, which significantly improved customer satisfaction. Samsung Card was selected as the best company in the credit card sector for eight consecutive years by 2021 in a KS-CQI (Call Center Quality Index) survey organized by the Korea Standards Association.