Company NameLG U+ Mobile Phone Compensation Insurance Center
Type of businessOther mail order businesses
Sales13.42 trillion (2020.12)
Employees10,187 (2021.09)
Introduction ServicesWeb Voice
  • Pain Point

  • Only 30% of lost customers recover their phones

    Since March 2018, LG U+ has been operating a counseling center dedicated to lost and damaged customers, guiding ▲ suspension of use when a mobile phone is lost ▲ information on how to recover a lost mobile phone ▲ non-face-to-face application for insurance compensation and rental phones, but only 30% of customers who lost their mobile phones. In addition, as the use of expensive mobile phones worth more than 1 million won became common, it was necessary to solve the problem of customers who lost or damaged them.

  • Solution

  • Improved mobile phone insurance coverage process with visible ARS


    LG U+ joined hands with Colgate to introduce a 'visible automatic response system (ARS)' service at the mobile phone loss and damage insurance compensation center. Through visible ARS, the convenience of insurance compensation processing for customers who lost or damaged their mobile phones has been enhanced. After checking the customer's information with the imported customer's mobile phone number, it was guided to quickly access the desired information, and it was possible to simply apply for loss and compensation services whenever it was not consultation time.

  • Result

  • Operate a dedicated counseling center and double the rate of mobile phone recovery

    Customer satisfaction has been improved by significantly improving the inconveniences of customers who use it and greatly improving the inconveniences of customers who use it. Through the operation of a dedicated counseling center supplemented by visible ARS, the rate of recovering lost phones in two years has doubled from 30% to 60%.